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Sunday School

Oak Dale Chapel
11 am - 12 pm Sundays
Sep - May

Tannery Chapel
10-11 am Sundays
Sep - May

Town Church
10-11 am Sundays
Sep - May

Classes Throughout the Week

Following in the Presbyterian tradition that emphasizes a strong educational foundation, Moorefield   provides a schedule of Christian Education classes to support individual and community faith development and spiritual renewal. Classes are scheduled for all ages on Sunday mornings and for various groupings scattered throughout the week.

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Pre-school⁄Early Elem
Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary
Middle School
High School
Massanetta Letter
   Confirmation Class
Christian Education
» Adults
» Youth
» Elementary
» Pre-school
» Prospecitve Members
Incline your ear and hear my words, and apply your mind to my teaching...
Proverbs 22:17